Sure He Knew Print Advertising, But What Can David Ogilvy Teach Us About Online Video?

Quotes from David Ogilvy – Confessions of an Advertising Man:

  • The purpose of most commercials is to deliver your selling promise in a way the viewer will remember next time she goes shopping. I therefore advise you to repeat your promise at least twice in every commercial, to illustrate it pictorially, and to print it on the screen.
  • The average consumer, poor dear, is now subjected to 10,000 commercials a year. Make sure that she knows the name of the product being advertised in your commercial. Repeat it, ad nauseam, throughout.
  • Make your product the hero of the commercial, as it is the hero of our famous commercial for Maxwell House Coffee—just a coffeepot and a cup of coffee—“good to the last drop.” (I did not invent this slogan; Theodore Roosevelt did.)
  • In television advertising you have exactly fifty-eight seconds to make your sale. Don’t mess about with irrelevant lead-ins. Start selling in your first frame, and never stop selling until the last.
  • For products which lend themselves to selling by demonstration—e.g., cooking ingredients, make-up, and sinus remedies— television is the most powerful advertising medium ever invented. Success in using it depends more than anything else on your ingenuity in devising believable demonstrations.

My questions for you:

How many of these ideas can you apply for your next YouTube video?

What is your online video SELLING?

Why wouldn’t you apply these techniques to your next online sales videos?

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