John Caples on Overcoming Skepticism & Building Trust

There are two forces at work in the minds of your prospect. (1) Skepticism, and (2) The desire to believe. You can do your prospects a favor by giving them evidence that what you say is true. Your client will also benefit by getting increased response.

Specific statements are more believable than generalities.An example of a specific statement is the famous slogan for Ivory Soap – “99 44/100% pure”

Include testimonials in your ads. Two ads for a financial publication were split-run tested in Reader’s Digest. The ads were identical except that one contained four brief testimonials buried in the copy. The ad with the testimonials produced 25% more sales.

Some of the most successful mail order ads have been built entirely around testimonials.  Examples: “I was a 97 pound weakling” …“How I improved my memory in one evening.”

Localized testimonials in local media are especially effective. Seven coupon ed ads for a public utility were tested in New Haven newspapers. One ad featured a testimonial from a New Haven woman. This ad outpulled all the others. A newspaper campaign featuring local testimonials for a packaged laundry soap raised the sales of the soap from fourth place to first place.

FROM: John Caples, 50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years

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