Top 5 Issues of The Gary Halbert Letter

My personal, totally subjective Top 5 Favorite issues of The Gary Halbert Letter, in order of awesomeness…

(click on each to read)

1. How To Become a Copywriter in Just 30 Days

2. The Famous A-Pile/B-Pile Direct Mail Lecture

3. The “Spooky Secret” of Neurological Imprinting

4. The Magic “Twists” to Riches

5.  The Original Source of “Find a Starving Crowd”

Agree with this ranking? Disagree? What’s missing from my list? Contact me to let me know.

And did you know you can read all back issues of The Gary Halbert Letter for free? Just click here.

By the way: If you’ve never read anything by Gary Halbert before, you simply must click on the link above.  You’ll always remember where you were when you read your first Gary Halbert Letter.  Believe me…it’s that powerful in changing your “marketing-mindset” forever!

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  1. Ryan McGrath says:

    I should note that if you want a printed version of Gary’s newsletters, you should check out the book “How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time!”

    You can get the book here, directly from Kevin Halbert (Gary’s son):

  2. DaveC says:

    Good list… yet I’ve not seen a Sir Gary letter that I didn’t like or learn from.

    IIRC the one that influenced me the most is Winners vs Losers.

  3. Jason Hart says:

    Hey Ryan great list. Extremely hard to pick the top 5. Oh, one correction, the Gary Halbert Letter site doesn’t have all the letters. In fact most of them are the ones Gary put up after he went online. He did post a good number of the early ones from the print edition but no where near all of them. I have almost all of them save a dozen or so; got them in a huge PDF years ago and most of them have never seen the light of day on the web.