Donna Baier Stein, part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with direct response copywriter Donna Baier Stein…

RYAN: Do you think there are too many people today trying to teach copywriting via seminars, courses, books, etc?

DONNA: Too many? I don’t know. I know when I first started my career no one knew what a copywriter was. They thought it had something to do with legal copyrights. Now there are copywriters all over the place – also lots of places where copy needs to be written! So the work is certainly there. As for teachers – there are some really good ones out there. Chris Brogan, Bob Cargill, Lois Geller, Bob Bly, Roberta Rosenberg. People who have to choose who they study with, I guess. Or take different pieces of wisdom from different sources.

RYAN:  How important is storytelling in direct response copywriting?

DONNA: Story telling is important, even if you’re not telling a straight narrative. Story telling underlies the flow of your letter. Your job as copywriter is to make sure your reader stays with you (or scans with you). So the pull of telling a story is part of any good piece of copy.

RYAN: What advice can you offer to help copywriters improve their storytelling?

DONNA: Write like you talk when you’re at your best. Start with the most important points. Don’t wander. Don’t repeat. Keep your reader/listener hooked.

RYAN: Where can people go to learn more about you?

DONNA: I have three websites: for copywriting (it is being redesigned now), for literary writing, and then, a multifaith literary magazine which I along with an incredible team of editors publish.

RYAN:  Thank you Donna…I’d also suggest everyone follows you on Twitter at @donnabaierstein.

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