Action! Nothing Happens in Your Marketing Until Somebody Moves

If you are like me, you sometimes get stuck by “paralysis by analysis.”  It’s just too easy to put off action until you’ve read that one more book…bought that next information product…or did just a little more research…

Every once in a while, you need a swift kick in the rear!

So here’s a few quotes to get your dinkum-thinkum focused on taking ACTION!

1. “80 percent of success is just showing up.” — Woody Allen

2. “Motion beats meditation.” — Gary Halbert

3. “Ready, fire, aim.” — Michael Masterson

4.  “Getting started is more important than becoming an expert.  I’d rather act and get it 85 percent right than do nothing.” — Ramit Sethi

5. “Ship it.”  — Seth Godin

Reading these, how did it make you feel? Is there a project sitting in the back of your mind, waiting for you to take action? Well…what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate, get started right now! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to get done.

PS: If you need any help with a marketing, publicity or copywriting project — don’t just sit there. Take action and contact me today. I can help you get it done.

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