The Dos Equis Man of Marketing, part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with J.F. (Jim) Straw…

RYAN:  What are your thoughts on some of the backlash against “Internet Marketing gurus” we’re starting to see online lately?

JIM: I can’t have any sympathy for them.  They brought it on themselves.

Here’s how it happens …

Back in the mailorder  days, there would be a number of articles about how much money could be made selling “how to make money” information products – and- how easy it was.  Then, someone would write a book about “making money with how to make money reports.” — Then another, and another,  and another.  Then came the “plans and programs” that promised to make the money for you … all you had to do was pay them to do it  for you.

In the beginning, the books were written by real people who were actually doing it and the books explained in great detail how to do it. — No hype.  No B.S. — Then, the research writers wrote books.  Then  pure amateurs rehashed the same thing; again,  and again … only repeating what they had read … becoming “gurus.”

Then the readers of those books, of course, created a whole new generation of “how to make money” books, booklets and reports.

In a while, the “opportunity seeker” market was saturated.  More and more “how to make money” reports … most of them crap … being sold to the same audience;  cutting the market into smaller and smaller pieces.  Fewer orders for each marketer.

When the “crap” purveyors saw fewer and fewer orders, they moved on to greener pastures – and – the unfortunate beginners never made enough sales to continue in their efforts. Soon, the pendulum had taken a full swing and the only ones left were the “real” people with the experience to back the information in their books.

But, then again, there would be a spate of articles about how much money could be made selling “how to make money” information products and the whole cyle would start again. I’ve seen it happen too many times in mailorder.  Now, it is happening on the Internet.

Until the pendulum takes its full swing, expect more and more crappy  “how to make money” information products, plans and programs on the Internet offered by the self-proclaimed “gurus.” I  will continue to recommend only those “how to” works written by master craftsmen who are worthy and well-qualified to share their knowledge with you.

Tune into part 3 of this interview tomorrow…

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