The Dos Equis Man of Marketing, part 3

This is part 3 of my interview with J.F. (Jim) Straw…

RYAN: It seems like I’m getting less offers in the mail. Is this a trend you are also seeing? Is direct mail dying?

JIM: Mail order actually started to die some 10 years ago.  The Internet slowly but surely took over.  That’s why I, and others like me, discontinued our mail order operations. Where I used to get a mailbox filled with offers everyday, I now get maybe one or  two offers each day.

But…mail order is on a resurgence.  There is less competition so direct mail pieces get read and responded to.  Beyond that, a hard-copy mailing can  be kept lying on a desk and responded to any time in the future; instead of being lost in an electronic file.

Back when I  was active in mail order,  it wasn’t uncommon to receive orders from a mailing I had made months; sometimes even years, after a mailing offering the product was made.

If  I were younger, I would definitely be selling my products by mail.

RYAN: Do you think there are too many courses on copywriting, direct marketing and Internet marketing on the market today?

JIM: No … not too many… but too much regurgitated crap offered by people who have never done it.

The object  of most of the ad copywriting crap has the reader focusing on making sales when they should be focusing  on making customers.  Some of my customers have been with me for as long as 30 years.

RYAN: Where can people go to learn more about you?

JIM: Your readers may want to read a tribute paid to me by a couple of my subscribers:

My own bio is at:

Since “You can make a fortune in mail order without ever knowing anything about Internet marketing – but – you can’t make any money in Internet marketing without knowing at least the fundamentals of mail order.” I have a special deal for your readers at:

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