The Greatest Little Book on Salesmanship Ever Published

For forty years it sat locked in a file cabinet, forgotten and unpublished in its author’s lifetime.  Now the “greatest little book on salesmanship” is finally being released in print, thanks to Internet Marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy and the System Press.

The Secret of Selling Anything, written by Harry Browne in the late 1960s, is now available in print for the first time ever. Browne, who passed away in 2006, was a well-respected writer, speaker, politician, and media personality, gaining the national spotlight as U.S. Presidential candidate in 1996 and 2006 for the Libertarian Party.

Harry Browne was a fantastic thinker and writer. His ideas impacted my life in myriad ways, from my politics to my finances. I was honored to meet Harry in person a few years before his passing. When I met him in person, all I could do was thank him for putting his ideas in print.

Harry lived his life as a salesman. From selling educational courses door-to-door, to selling his investment newsletters, to selling libertarian ideas to the wider public as a politician, Harry was always selling. And he was always selling using a special, low-key and completely ethical selling system. A selling system like nothing else you’ve encountered.

This brings me to why you need to read The Secret of Selling Anything. Because, every human interaction is “sales” — from negotiating a car loan at your credit union, to convincing your children to make good choices. Getting a job requires selling yourself. And certainly marketing and copywriting ought to always be about selling.

And THIS is the book you need to read about sales. I’m not exaggerating when I say this book is a future classic in sales and marketing, on par with works by Dale Carnegie, Frank Bettger and Claude Hopkins.

In fact, the print version has already been endorsed by Gary Bencivenga, Bob Bly, Richard Armstrong, Drayton Bird and Denny Hatch. These guys are all A-list direct response copywriters whose controls have created millions of dollars.

“I am convinced this is one of the greatest little books ever published on effective salesmanship,” said living legend copywriter Gary Bencivenga. “If you could read only one book in your life on how to sell anything to anybody, and do so without relying on high pressure, manipulation, exaggeration, or even an extroverted personality, this would be the book.”

The e-book version has been on the market for a couple years. But this book belongs in your physical bookshelf, an heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren. Get the print version, you won’t regret it.

To order your print copy of The Secret of Selling Anything by Harry Browne, visit:

(* Non-affiliate link…I just love the book and believe you will thank me after reading it!)

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