Your Favorite Sales Letters of All Time?

Dear Friends:

What are your absolute FAVORITE sales letters of all time?

Please list them below. At minimum, give us the headline. Even better, give us the direct link and/or the name of the copywriter.

To start things off, here are some of my favs:

“Lies, Lies, Lies!” – Gary Bencivenga

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” – Joe Karbo

“America’s Secret Investment Societies” – Porter Stansberry

“Outlawed for 41 Years, Now Legal Again” – Mike Palmer, Stansberry & Associates

“End of America” – Mike Palmer, Stansberry & Associates

“The Intentional Living Control” – Bill Bonner

“How You Can Profit From The Coming Stock Market Crash And Financial Blood-bath That Is Going To Be Caused By Cash-Rich Drug Dealers And Other Criminal Scum!” – Gary Halbert

“The Insider Code. WANTED: Novice Crew to ‘Rob’ Banks Legally…With an Inside Job!” – Jim Sheridan

“WARNING: Do Not Read This If You Have Moral, Ethical Or Religious Reasons Against Hurting (Or Even Killing) Someone Who Violently Attacks You, Your Wife Or Your Kids” – Ben Settle

“How Even Skinny, ‘Barney Fife’ Cops Single-Handedly Control And Dominate Violent Criminals, Gang-Bangers And Other Cold-Blooded Killers… Without Even Drawing Their Guns!” – Ben Settle

“Combat JKD: All Your Fancy Fighting Skills Won’t Earn You An Extra Second Against This Devastating New Natural Streetfighting System!” – John Carlton

HINT: You can find most of these by just putting the headline (in quotes) into Google. Happy hunting.

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  1. My favorite sales letter was actually a joke explaining why people should buy a ficticious ebook that would make the buyer a million dollars