“The Simple Secret of Making the Maximum Money in the Minimum Time Using Your Website”

By Ryan McGrath, Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

If you own a website or Internet business, or if you are thinking of starting one soon, this might be the most important thing you will read about making money online.

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you about a truly simple way to create a “flood” of cash from you website, in less time than you ever thought possible, by converting more prospects into paying customers.

Before I tell you about this, consider this fact: If your marketing online isn’t converting prospects into customers as well as it could…

Your money is literally walking away from you.

With a low conversion rate, visitors to your website came to your site.  Perhaps they visited by clicking on an ad, costing you a few bucks in Google Ad Words.  They might spend a few minutes poking around your site.

But eventually, they click off a different site, off into the sunset in a flash, never to be seen again. And they leave without spending a single dime on your website…In other words, your website didn’t convert these would-be customers into actual paying customers.

Further, because of this, your business might also be “bleeding” money on ineffective advertising and marketing that simply doesn’t work.

I call this the “Conversion Trap” and it is sucking the cash out of your business like a vampire.

Let’s look at this through another angle: If you can improve your site’s conversion by a few percentage points (1% or 2%), you can double, or even triple your net sales.

Let’s say you get one buyer for every 100 visitors to your site, a 1% conversion rate. Let’s also say this lone buyer spends $100 on average. So if you improve your conversion rate to 2%, suddenly you have two buyers instead of one. You’ve also just doubled your net revenue to $200. Let’s say you increase the conversion rate to 3% and bingo:

You’ve just tripled your sales!

Just let this fact sink in for a minute.  How much more cash can you have from three times as many sales? What about four times? Five times? Let’s not get carried away here, cowboy.

Before I reveal the answer of the simple secret of beating the “Conversion Trap” let me relate a quick story.

How 607 Words Sold Out the Most Expensive Car in The World

One of the grandmasters of advertising, David Ogilvy, wrote one of the most famous marketing pieces of all time for Rolls Royce.

The famous headline of the ad was…“At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.”

Maybe you’ve seen it. (If not, you can see the ad here.) What made this notable was it included 607 words of copy. In fact, most of the ad was text, with only a large photo of the car on the top half of the page.

The message was about why Rolls-Royce was the best car in the world because of the details that went in making the car.  The ad then lists 13 facts to support this statement.  For example:

  • “The coachwork is given five coats of primer paint, and hand rubbed between each coat, before nine coats of finishing paint go on.”
  • “The engineers use a stethoscope to listen for axle-whine.”
  • “Every car is test-driven for hundreds of miles over varying road surfaces.”

Ogilvy packed each fact to the brim with testimonials, figures, statistics and other proof.  (Important point here: This ad was NOT boring, in fact, you will find it was incredibly interesting!)  This famous advertisement only ran once in two newspapers and two magazines, but it made quite a splash.  In fact, it’s still studied today by serious students of copywriting.

But most important of all: The ad sold out every car in Rolls’ inventory. One of the most expensive cars in the world was sold completely out, using only 607 words in four placements.

(A funny note on above: When one of the engineers from Rolls Royce read Ogilvy’s ad, his response was: “We have to find a way to make that darn electric clock quieter!”)

This leads me to the simple secret mentioned earlier to beat the “conversion trap.”  Here’s the secret:

“Give your customers a reason why, and then sell them with the facts.”

A reason why to believe you.  A reason why your product or service will benefit their lives.  A reason why to buy from you.  A reason why to buy right now. A reason to buy right now at most profitable price.  Then give the hard, solid facts to back up your reasoning.

That’s all there is to the secret. But believe me, it’s powerful.  For almost 100 years, select entrepreneurs have used the simple secret of “reason why” copy and…

Beat the “Conversion Trap” by turning more prospects into customers.

  • Businesses have gone from the brink of bankruptcy into total success.
  • Products once deemed “unmarketable” have been cleared out of inventories…at huge profits.
  • New products and services have made immediate impact, giving returns faster than you believe is possible.

Now ask yourself: Is your business in danger of falling into the “Conversion Trap”?  If you are stuck in the “Conversion Trap” right now, do you need help in getting out? If you keep reading, I hope you’ll spot the answer.

But first a quick word of introduction…

My name is Ryan McGrath.  I’m an expert at writing copy which gives prospects the “reasons why” to buy your products and services, and the solid facts to back it up.  My job is simple: I help companies (such as yours) improve their website results by writing clear, persuasive messages.

Furthermore, I’m a specialist in writing what’s called direct response copy.  This means I write content designed to convert visitors on your site into paying customers. If you ask any top Internet marketer, they’ll tell you direct response copy works because it focuses entirely on serving the needs of the readers. It connects with prospects, builds up value in their minds, and turns them to buyers.

(David Ogilvy, who I mentioned earlier, was one of the most outspoken advocates of direct response copy.)

Ever since I was in third grade, I knew I was going to be a professional writer. Of course, I always imagined I’d be writing science fiction or fantasy novels. Moving into college, I discovered my second great love: the business world.  Eventually, I was able to combine these two passions, becoming a direct response copywriter and marketing expert.

Over the last decade, I’ve learned one important lesson…

Nearly all entrepreneurs run into the “Conversion Trap” at some point. Mostly it strikes very early in the business, which is why 30% of business start-ups in the U.S. fail within the first two years. But it also hits businesses at every stage.

And the only way out is to focus your marketing on results, turning more customers into prospects and exponentially blasting off your sales…

And potentially doubling or tripling your sales!

When you choose to work with me, you’re getting more than a writer.  As you can see from this message, you will be getting someone who isn’t ashamed to SELL. Plain and simple, my friend: My writing creates sales. It puts dollars in your pocket.

I’m also very easy to work with. You’ll get the service you need, before the deadline. Last and not least, I guarantee my work. If my copy doesn’t meet your satisfaction, I’ll rewrite it until it does, at no cost to you.

Next steps…and a free offer.

At this point, I’d like to suggest a next step to work together, if all this sounds intriguing.  I’d like to invite you to complete the simple form at the bottom of this page.

If you fill out the form, I’ll give you a free 30-minute phone consultation with me, analyzing your website’s marketing strategy, content and conversion potential (a $150 value).  There’s no risk and no cost to you. And this consultation will not be a sales pitch. It’s the real deal. I’m giving you the very same value I give all my clients, except in this case, it won’t cost you a penny.

We’ll talk about your website, where your conversion might need a boost, your marketing strategy, and ideas to improve your site’s messaging and content.

“When my partnership was founded I knew the importance of a web presence, and the potential impact of powerful messaging.  My background in sales and marketing had generated a lot of ideas and an initial web site design, but I felt I needed professional input and consultation. Since I knew Ryan’s background was from a top tier marketing firm, I decided to take advantage of an initial free 30 minute consultation.  The initial consultation surpassed my wildest expectations and produced eight specific ideas to increase awareness, bolster credibility, and generate potential new revenue. Needless to say I would recommend Ryan’s approach to anyone!“
~ David Herbes, Managing Director, Medical Collection Group

Hire me as your website’s copywriter. See for yourself how you can beat the “Conversion Trap” and grow your sales and profits.  My copy will more than pay for itself through increased sales. That’s the simple bottom line. And your satisfaction is guaranteed, as I’ll rewrite the copy until you are completely happy with it.

One more thing: I can be selective in choosing the clients I want to help.

For example, I don’t want to work with some kinds of companies for purely moral reasons. Why waste time with “sleazy” and dishonest companies, when I could be working for you? I’m also nearing “full capacity” in terms of taking on new clients.  So I’m only interested in helping those who understand the value of direct response copy.

If you fall within these guidelines, and if you’re serious today about beating the “Conversion Trap” by increasing your sales and possibly getting a “flood” of cash from your website, complete my consultation request form below and let’s schedule a time to talk about your online marketing.

Yours for increased sales and profits,

Ryan M. McGrath
Direct Response Copywriter

P.S.  Important UPDATE… Due to the overwhelming response to the free consultation, it could end as early as tomorrow.  To see if you qualify for the free consultation, a $150 value, contact me as soon as possible.  It’s extremely likely I’ll have to start charging for this service, as it’s getting hard to keep up with demand.  Don’t wait, contact me today.

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