“Ryan relentlessly studies the sharpest minds in the world and consistently delivers good content to his clients and prospects. Ryan wrote some of the copy for and nicely integrated strong copy while making it about the prospect. If you want copy that sells, you should hire Ryan McGrath.”
~Scott Seifferlein,

“I’ve known Ryan for several years and have always been impressed with his exceptional writing skills and professional demeanor. Ryan knows how to connect with audiences through his writing. His excellent listening skills, coupled with his ability to ask the right questions, allow him to clearly communicate his client’s message in a variety of markets. Besides being a persuasive writer, Ryan is a hard-working professional who keeps his commitments. Working with Ryan is a pleasure due to his honesty and engaging personality.”
~ Shelley Crooks, Principal, The RIO Group

“I highly recommend Ryan McGrath; I have known and worked closely with him over the past 10 years. Ryan is an excellent communicator in both written and verbal communication. He has an excellent attention to detail and is able to use his intuitive skills to extract the essence of the issues at hand without regard to their level of complexity or foreign content. In working with Ryan I have found him to be an excellent listener which complements his internal and external proficiencies. He is able to effectively create copy in a fraction of the time required by other professionals. It is my personal belief that his ability to listen and intuitively assimilate exactly what the client wants significantly reduces the cycle time and greatly enhances the quality of his craft. I will continue to work closely with Ryan as I have complete and unequivocal confidence in his competencies.”
~ Dr. Edward F. Knab, CEO, Productivity Constructs

“When my partnership was founded I knew the importance of a web presence, and the potential impact of powerful messaging.  My background in sales and marketing had generated a lot of ideas and an initial web site design, but I felt I needed professional input and consultation. Since I knew Ryan’s background was from a top tier marketing firm, I decided to take advantage of an initial free 30 minute consultation.  The initial consultation surpassed my wildest expectations and produced eight specific ideas to increase awareness, bolster credibility, and generate potential new revenue. Needless to say I would recommend Ryan’s approach to anyone!“
~ David Herbes,Managing Director, Medical Collection Group

“Ryan is an excellent copywriter who has a solid grasp of direct response copywriting principles, and he has the raw talent to make your copy sing! He was easy to work with and a pleasure to talk to, and I recommend his services to anyone who is seeking to boost their income or business revenue with powerful sales copy!
~ Ryan Harris, Owner, Clear Path Copywriting

“Ryan can write persuasive sales copy for a variety of markets. He’s a dedicated and hard worker who always keeps his deadlines. You will enjoy working with him, as he is personable and easy to work with.
~ Brad Back, Owner,

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